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Toxicological Assessment of New Industrial Technologies

As Chief Bob Pasco says "It is not enough just to show the problems associated with outdated polluting technologies. You have to come up with solutions that are more environmentally responsible and sustainable." To this end, Dr. Easton has been actively involved in assessing various technologies that utilize municipal solid waste and sewage sludge as a resource. The vision is to utilize everything and destroy toxic contaminants safely. He has been examining various gasification technologies as a core system for recovering energy from the waste in the form of electricity and heat. The key is to recover materials (metals and industrial chemicals) from the resulting ash so that they can be utilized in a best and highest use fashion. The remaining ash has pozzolenic (cement-like) properties that would be useful in the ready-mix concrete industry. In this era of global warming, carbon dioxide must be sequestered to avoid release to the atmosphere. Passing this vital plant nutrient into an algae culture system will enable efficient carbon fixing. The algae can then be utilized in the production of biofuels and the leftover cake can be processed in the gasifier to extract additional energy. The waste heat energy from this system is used to heat intense food production organic greenhouses (based on aquaponics). Thus the potential exists to create numerous value-added industries from waste that is usually dumped and buried with inefficient resource utilization (landfill gas capture) and a major loss of resource value.

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Toxicological Assessment of New Industrial Technologies


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