International E co G en Incorporated

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Mission Statement:

The company is committed to its customers who recognize the urgent need for proactive responsible management of effluents and chemicals to ensure that adverse genetic effects do not occur in animal, plant and human populations living in the local receiving environment. We strive not only for a maximum biodiversity of species, but also for an optimum genetic diversity and structure within each species. We are also committed to determining solutions to the very problems that create the genetic impacts, such as cleaning up food chains and advocating best available technology for reducing the rates of contamination of our air, soil and water.



Our Motivation

Genetic damage can affect the very survival of a population and alter the evolutionary destiny of species. Our greatest concern is the continuing build-up of genetically toxic chemicals throughout the world's ecosystems. The extent of genetic damage to many of the world's species (including man) by global chemical pollution will only be fully appreciated as more research is completed. The contaminant-based corruption of the DNA code, whether by selection or mutagenesis, is the greatest unheralded environmental problem of the 21st century. The current universal environmental stress of global warming will where migration is not an option force many species to attempt to adapt using their current genetic resources. These resources may not be fully available as contaminants at ultra trace levels have been recently shown to affect gene function and in some cases turn the gene off completely. These genes would be largely unavailable to the process of natural selection.


Our Customer Commitment

Strict confidentiality is maintained for all client-based environmental projects. We are committed to meeting the client's needs in environmental advocacy, ecotoxicology, genetics effects diagnosis together with contamination avoidance solutions using the best available technology.


Our Commitment to Society

EcoGen carries out its own independent research which is then published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The results from our independent research are also popularized in articles written for newspapers and magazines. At our client's discretion, some client-sponsored projects have also been reported to the media.



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