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Citrate Buffer - Freezing Media Recipe


  • 85.5 gm sucrose (99.5% purity i.e. from SIGMA - S-9378);
  • 11.76 gm C6H5O7Na3 - 2H2O (dihydrate trisodium citrate; 99% pure i.e. from SIGMA - C-3434);
  • dissolve in distilled water to 800 ml;
  • add 50 ml DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide; 99.9% pure i.e. from SIGMA D-8779);
  • add distilled water to 1 litre;
  • adjust to pH 7.6 using a 1.0 molar solution of citric acid (C6H8O7)
    • only a few drops will likely be required

Store at 4oC

Caution: DMSO can pass through the skin rapidly and may be genetically toxic - wear latex gloves when preparing and working with the citrate buffer.


Fish under 20 gm

Fish 20 gm and over

Citrate Buffer Freezing Media