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Environmental Advocacy

When requested, Dr. Michael Easton has been an ardent spokesperson for his research and also his environmental perspective. He has frequently been interviewed by the media for his past research on the genetically damaging effects of treated pulp mill effluent and human health issues related to contaminant loadings in farmed salmon. In this regard he has been interviewed or has had his work featured on BBC radio and television (film documentary on the issues related to salmon farming), CBC radio ("Morning Show", "As It Happens" and television ("Nature of Things"), the "Rafe Mair Show" and numerous print media (Globe and Mail, Washington Post, Seattle PI, London Times and many others).

While working with the Nlaka'pamux Nation Tribal Council (NNTC), Dr. Easton addressed numerous meetings of the Metro Vancouver Waste Management Committee and the full Sewage and Drainage Board in relation to:

  •  the problems with spreading sewage sludge on agricultural land
  • alternate methods of sewage sludge disposal
    • now adopted by the Metro Vancouver Board
  • the environmental issues facing the NNTC with the proposed Ashcroft Ranch Landfill
    • Metro Vancouver has since voted to stop exporting garbage to the Ashcroft/Cache Creek area after the closing of the Cache Creek Landfill in 2011
  •  alternative disposal technologies to landfills that treat municipal solid waste as a resource
    • Metro Vancouver has since issued a call for proposals for disposal options

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